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Winner of the 2011 African Business Innovation Award Win

Agri- Business Solution in Value Chain & Business Development, Market Access & Technical Support to smallholder farmers in an environment of climate change
across 3 Zones of Tanzania (Northern, Central, and Lake Zones)

Our Goal

To be the most innovative company transforming the way small‐hold farmers in community successfully produce and market their products focussing on existing needs whilst organising them into farmer groups providing training and facilitating the marketing of over several thousand of metric tons of commodity per year.


Kilimo Markets is seeking partners who are looking to have an immediate impact to establish a sustainable business with a high impact on poverty alleviation and food security in rural farmer communities in Tanzania


Kilimo Market is inviting new investors and business partners who seek a unique trustworthy business with a high and sustainable impact with whom to partner indirectly collaborating with Farmer Marketing Associations in Tanzania.



Kilimo Markets Co Ltd

P.O. Box 1061

Arusha, Tanzania

+255 69 988 52 85


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