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Seed Growers

Kilimo Markets is a registered private seed company in Tanzania to facilitate production of quality certified seed by creating seed business franchises owned and managed by the Farmer Marketing Associations and Kilimo Markets. The outcome is sustained availability and access to certified seed to small farmers of improved varieties of the most important crops in Tanzania. Through establishing a seed market chains, KMSG is able to produce, process, and export quality certified seed according to International Seed Trade Association (ISTA) standards and is linked to the best international seed breeders and agriculture research agencies in Tanzania. This seed business is linked to other Kilimo Markets business services like grain marketing that improves small-holder market access for their grain.

Kilimo Markets Seed Growers Services:



  • Best quality seed from Breeders of improved varieties
  • Certified Seed Production Training
  • National and ISTA Seed Certification standards
  • Seed germination and purity testing
  • Input seed supply chain management for seed business franchise available to small‐hold farmers through effective farmer management
  • Seed packaging, branding, and marketing
  • Efficient small‐hold farmer seed management systems
  • Tracking, monitoring seed dissemination, marketing

The Problem Kilimo Markets Seed Growers Addresses:

Availability and access to quality certified seed of more productive and disease‐resistant varieties of all major crops by small‐hold farmers is seriously lacking, which constrains farmers’ grain production and sales.

The Kilimo Markets Seed Growers Advantage:

  • KMSG establishes seed contracts at community level with Farmer Marketing Associations as Seed Franchises to supply quality seed.
  • Farmers’ prefer quality seed produced in community over seed produced by another seed company.
  • Establishes seed supply chains of neglected important crop value chains.
  • Strong relationships established between KMSG and the best research suppliers of foundation seeds.
  • KMSG follows strict standards and protocols on certified seed production with official seed certification from recognized national and international seed agencies.
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