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Kilimo Markets believes that partnership is the proven way for sustainable business in Africa; identifying needs, strength, mutual potential and agreeing for collaboration whilst combining synergies and transparent and professional services. Therefore Kilimo Markets is open for further potential partnerships with in-country and international private businesses, investors, NGOs and  national and international research organisations and networks in the agricultural, marketing and development sectors.  Kilimo Markets is already in partnership with government extension and research institutes and agencies and is actively developing potential partnerships with private and NGO partners..

From the very beginning Kilimo Markets has been focussing on partnership in their business approach. In the Northern, Central and Lake Zone of Tanzania, Kilimo Markets has facilitated the formation of Voluntary Saving Loan Groups (VSLGs) and Farmer Marketing Associations (FMAs) from the very early start in July 2010. Since then Kilimo Markets has been working with them in partnership, facilitating to register them as businesses and provided access to a credit based marketing system and collaboration with a local bank.

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