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Vision and Mission

Kilimo Markets vision and mission is to provide end-to-end services to small farmers in a diversity of value chains by improving productivity of crops as well as their profitable marketing.  As such, Kilimo Markets acts as trainer, warehouse operator and market broker to small farmers, whereby they are empowered as active members of organised marketing businesses to improve their own production and market access resulting in more profitable returns in the long term.


To be the most innovative company transforming the way small-hold farmers in community successfully produce and market their products.




1. To improve small-hold farmers' profits through efficient logistics, warehouse operation, and market brokerage services based on principles of integrity and transparency.


2. To provide the highest quality market-led agriculture training services to small-hold farmers in the context of marketing opportunities and total farm management.


3. To supply quality certified seed of improved, demanded, and released varieties that are easily accessed by communities of farmers and other agencies as a sustained commercial business in order to eventually replace unproductive and local varieties.



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