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For Buyers and Brokers

All commodities are marketed in partnership with local farmers, who have agreed that Kilimo Markets brokers the market on their behalf and the margins are shared between Kilimo Markets and the farmers.  Farmers are organised into Farmer Marketing Associations (FMAs) for the purpose of collective marketing.  Two main commodities are for sale; Certified Seed of improved varieties and commercial grain obtained from these improved varieties or from local varieties until the seed of improved varieties penetrate into the communities of farmers.


Kilimo Markets has the following commodities for sale:


(All grain is collected, cleaned, weighed, moisture-tested and bagged into 50 or 100kg bags and fumigated in warehouses):

1.       Pigeonpea grain available immediately in Karatu, Northern Tanzania.  It is warehoused and is fumigated and completely clean of grain weevils.  Samples can be sent on request both as photo as well as physical sample.  Moisture content is monitored with moisture meters and is presently 10-11% moisture. It is bagged in clean 50kg bags.

2.      Beans of varieties Kombat, Soya Fupi, Soya Njano, Kachumba (Masai Red), Red Beans (Canadian Wonder) and Rose Coco. Stock is fumigated and completely free of grain weevils and has moisture content of 10-11%.  Prices are negotiable ex-Karatu.

3.           Grain harvest is expected in June 2012  for beans (approximately 100t) of the above varieties. Prices are negotiable ex-Karatu,

4.      Grain harvest for pigeonpea is expected in July to October 2012. Prices are negotiable ex-Karatu.

5.       Chickpea grain of local varieties of desi is expected in the Lake Zone (Mwanza and Shinyanga) from July to October. Prices are negotiable ex-Mwanza or Shinyanga.

6.       Mungbean grain of local and improved varieties is expected in the Lake Zone (Mwanza and Shinyanga) from February to March 2013. Prices are negotiable ex-Mwanza or Shinyanga.



Pigeonpea and chickpea seed is bulked with community-trained seed growers and inspected by Tanzania Official Seed Certification Institute (TOSCI) or District Seed Inspectors.  The seed is therefore either Quality Declared Seed or Certified Seed.  All seed has origins from Basic Seed from the Research Sector:

1.       Mali variety of pigeonpea (medium maturity 150 days, creamy-white seed colour with high market demand, suitable for rainfall 700-1200mm) about 1000kg Quality Declared Seed (QDS) available immediately and a further 5000kg QDS to be available in September 2012 at price to be determined

2.       Another very popular pigeonpea variety (early maturity 120 days and more drought tolerant than Mali, creamy white seed colour with high market demand suitable for rainfall 500-1000mm); about 2000kg QDS to be available in September 2012 at price to be determined

3.       Kilimo Markets has four improved disease-resistant chickpea varieties being bulked as certified seed, however commercial seed will not be available until 2013 as the 2012 harvest will be used to bulk seed of registered improved varieties

a.       Mwanza 1 (ICCV 00108) desi chickpea variety (red seed   colour), Fusarium wilt resistant that matures in 90-100 days;

b.      Ukiriguru 1 (ICCV 97105) desi chickpea variety (red-pink seed colour, high density seed), Fusarium wilt resistant with strong establishment characteristic preferred by farmers and traders and high yielding; matures in 110-120 days,
c.       Mwanza 2 (ICCV 00305) kabuli (creamy-white seed colour and bold seed) disease-resistant matures in 95-110 days,
d.      Mwangaza (ICCV 92318) kabuli (creamy-white seed colour with bold seed), disease-resistant and matures in 75-90 days


Kilimo Markets Ltd
P.O. Box 1061
Arusha, Tanzania


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