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Kilimo Markets is providing business consulting training services to rural farmer communities organised into Farmer Marketing Associations (FMAs). The methodology used captures the best practice of the past 12 years in Tanzania and elsewhere in East Africa of farmer organisation and builds farmer ownership in a farmer-owned business model. All the investments made to the FMAs is sustainable with other farmer-friendly business services like establishing a quality  input supply chain, notably a seed business to produce and market certified seeds of improved varieties direct from the best seed breeders, a seed certification service, the farmers' marketing business, warehouse services, access to finance from leading farmer-friendly financial institutions, insurance services, and lead farmer consultants who provide farmer training in improved production methods like conservation agriculture. Additional opportunities grow once the foundation is made as farmers self-select their own members to join in business.

The micro savings and lending groups form a solid foundation to help farmers grow in their business. This is a real innovation in the marketplace and with good training over time the farmers gain strength and confidence to work together, benefit collectively, and sustain their collective marketing over time.

Kilimo Markets Consulting Services:

  • Savings‐led microfinance
  • Apex farmer organization for marketing.
  • Market‐led enterprises
  • Agriculture market analysis
  • Impact focused training on agriculture best practices, productivity, and resource management.
  • Farmer financing solutions
  • Agribusiness registration and training solutions
  • Agribusiness input supply chains management.
  • Small business entrepreneurship
  • Gender sensitive and women‐favored microfinance groups.

Problem Kilimo Markets Consulting Addresses:

Small‐hold farmers face numerous challenges reflecting the undeveloped nature of the agriculture sector, including but are not limited to; lack of access to low‐cost financial services; poor cohesive farmer organizing, business planning, and market linkages; Poor output supply chain contract management; Poor access to quality input supply chains such as seed for productive agriculture; Lack of knowledge of best agriculture practices; Lack of agriculture services such as weather insurance; Poor soil fertility management; Access to quality affordable warehousing and storage systems.

Kilimo Markets Consulting Advantage:

As part of KMC services, each farmer receives training and access to comprehensive services based on particular needs, including but not limited to, membership to effective farmer‐owned collective marketing business based on principles of integrity; linkage to markets, warehousing, storage systems, insurance schemes, quality agri‐business inputs supply and
distribution system; comprehensive financing solutions linked to national financial institution, training in best practice conservation agriculture, and other agribusiness solutions designed to enhance farmers livelihoods and productivity.