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Kilimo Markets strives for and believes in transparency, trust and entrepreneurship through which it defines its commitment to both the employees and stakeholders.





















Targeting Goals





Kilimo Markets primary values are based on transparency and integrity in internal and external communication and  relationships, facilitating free flow of communication with trust in people and policy and evolving a participative and transparent work environment.


Kilimo Markets strives to respect diversity in leadership and teamwork positions, valuing culture and diversity, providing fair and equitable collaboration with shareholders and partners.

Kilimo Markets business services and solutions are unique and values stakeholders, partners and employees as the strength of KM and assures staff participation in decisions and actions of their concern.

Kilimo Markets provides a sustainable business solution partnering with small-holder farmers organising Farmer Market Associations with linkages to markets to increase food security and poverty alleviation.

Kilimo Markets aims through close and transparent collaboration with partners, who are sharing the same passion and commitment, to target and achieve the strategic and business goals.

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